Moswey III covering….

Before the slope outings started I managed to get a bit more work done on the Chocofly 1:3.5 JS3. The wings are now ready, next step is installing the Impeller. For this I’m waiting for my friend Georg (the designer of “our” JS3), who will be building an identical Chocofly JS3. We’ll be installing our impellers together.

He’s been busy finishing his 4.28m Moswey III and has been pushing me to finish mine as well before finishing the JS3. With a few days of bad weather I decided to follow his advice and started covering my Moswey III. Until now I’ve always used Oracover, Oratex or Oralight. While very easy to handle, it doesn’t quite give the same surface tension as a covering using dope. Georg has quite a bit of experience with this and yesterday he gave me a brief introduction on how to do this (using SIG Koverall and Fuller Dope). After two full days of work the covering is done, and the first layer of dope applied. Now I’m waiting for it to dry out before applying the 2nd layer, whilst crossing my fingers that the wings and control surfaces will stay straight…

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