Slope season start!

As the snow starts to clear from nearby mountains and temperatures are slowly going up, we had a couple of days of great wind for our favourite slopes. Most nearby slopes are good to fly when we have a northern breeze (“Bise”). About a 10 minutes drive from where I live is the Pfannenstiel Hochwacht. It’s not the best of slopes, but a good place to head out to when the weather is too cold to make longer flights or when you just want to head out for an hour or so.

In mid-April we had three good consecutive days of Bise, but still very cold and cloudy weather, and most of my usual flying buddies didn’t feel like heading out in the freezing cold. I spent three lovely but freezing cold afternoons up on the Pfannenstiel with my Chocofly 2.8m Taranis and my Chocofly 2.2m Kobuz, accompanied by a few friends. The Kobuz is a lot of fun to fly, you notice it’s smaller size and the fact that it’s not a purpose designed aircraft – it’s “lively” and requires you to work the sticks :-). The Taranis is a completely different plane. It’s got a huge speed envelope, is pretty hard to stall and totally stable to fly even in the most turbulent and windy conditions. Lots of fun – including some high speed passes at over 310 kmh (without ballast in the lightest version of the plane!).

Last week the weather got a bit warmer and sunnier and with another few days of Bise we were able to head out to our favourite (private) slope in Toggenburg. We opened the slope season there with our Diana 2, the 4.28m version (both scratch-built and the Chocofly version of the same plane), and on the 2nd day we took out the 5m Diana2. My mate Richie also “slope-maidened” his brand-new EB29R – with an incredible 8.3m wingspan and only around 9kgs. I got some time on the sticks of the EB29R – an amazing thermaller. See the video I did on the first slope flight below.

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