Moswey III painting…

Covering the Moswey III with SIG Koverall went better than I expected. The surface tension is good, and there are no major deformations in the wings. After applying two layers of dope (Fuller Spannlack), I’ve now applied the paint. I’ve used a water-based acrylic paint (WESCO), applied with a paintbrush. This was recommended by Andi, our paintmaster and member of our building team, whose knowledge of paints is amazing and whose advise always spot on. I could have spray painted the Moswey, but for an oldtimer you simply need to see a few strokes of the paintbrush.

Painting the wings and especially the fuselage with a paint brush isn’t easy, especially if you do it for the first time. Key is using the correct brush (soft, thin hair), not applying too much paint and especially the thickness of the paint. I had to redo one side of the fuselage because the paint I applied was too thick and the brush strokes were way too visible for my taste. With around 40% water added to the paint it now looks much better. I used transparent paint for the transparent parts of the wings. The transparent parts and underside of the wings all have two coats of paint. The upper side and fuselage three. The result is far from perfect (TIP: do make sure the masking tape is applied well, especially on uneven surfaces!), but I’m satisfied – and an oldtimer shouldn’t look too perfect.

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