Slope testing Georg’s Urupema

This has been an amazing spring of contrasts. While Switzerland has been in a “soft” lock-down, we’ve been enjoying perfect weather and, most importantly, a highly unusual amount of so-called “Bise” days. Normally the prevailing wind is West. But the last few weeks we’ve mostly seen Northerly winds, the “Bise”. This means that it’s impossible to fly on our airfield (which was closed for a few weeks anyway), but also means time for slope soaring. I’ve spent many hours flying on our favourite slopes so far this spring. Pure bliss, although coming down from the mountain back into Corona reality was sometimes something of a shock. Below are some pictures, as well as a video that I did of the first slope testing of Georg’s Urupema. I’m still waiting for a normal westerly wind so I can maiden mine on our airfield – maybe the end of the coming week….