Maiden flight of my Urupema

Today I maidened my Urupema on our club’s airfield, using the club’s catapult. I usually prefer to maiden planes in aerotow, much lower risk, but as thanks to Corona this is currently not possible. It was either catapult or wait. Since I plan to spend a week in Soaring Dreamland Hahnenmoos in a bit over a week, waiting was not an option.

The start went well, but the conditions were terribly turbulent, with massive downwinds and rare but strong upwinds. The landing was adventureous, with a terrible down and tailwind, and too much downrudder mixed into the crow programming, causing the plane to come in very fast on our small airstrip. Fortunately all went well, and the second flight went much better already, and Georg and I even managed to do some formation flying.

We’re still finetuning the settings on this lady, but she’s special. The speed envelope is amazing. You can circle in thermals at close to 40kmh, but she very quickly picks up speed. Without pushing it, Georg already had well over 260kmh. She needs a lot of rudder when circling in thermals, and really likes leaning into the curve. And it’s very hard to stall her, when circling in thermals you can pull the elevator like crazy. I’m only just getting to know her, but this is one special amazing plane. Happy.

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