New Project: Diana 4, scale 1:3.5 (5.14m)

In 2016 the company Avionic purchased the rights to produce the manned version of the Diana2 glider – the 1:3.5 and 1:3 scale versions of which are among my favourite gliders. The Diana 3, production of which started in 2017 wasn’t really interesting to build – essentially a Diana2 with a fuselage to accomodate bigger pilots. But the first drawings of the Diana4, released in early summer this year, really got our interest. As you can see on the picture below, the fuselage is almost identical to that of the JS3. The wings are essentially the Diana2 wings, extended to an 18m version on the inside.

The decision to build this plane in scale 1:3.5 was taken quite fast. We have moulds for the JS3 fuselage, which we can use to do the fuselage of the Diana4. Georg also rapidly did a new version of the plans of the Diana2 wings, extending them and adjusting the root to the JS3 fuselage. He also designed the elevator, based on that of “our” JS3 and Diana2.

Georg will be progressing rapidly on his build over the next few months, and his glider should be flying in early spring – well before the maiden flight of the manned version, scheduled for June 2023.

So far we’ve finished cutting the foam for the wings and elevators and I’ve built the wing joiners. We hope to build the first fuselage early next week.

This will be an awesome plane. It’s a combination of our two favourite gliders, the JS3 and the Diana2. The dynamics of the Diana2 wings in combination with higher wings and a shorter fuselage than the Diana2 will make it an ideal slope and thermals gliders. Looking forward to this one.