VT-16 Orlik: Fuselage Glass and Carbon Layup

In my previous post I mentioned that we’re using a new glass and carbon layup for the fuselage. The picture below explains how we built it (in German). Previously we only used glass, but we decided to use carbon on this fuselage as it’s very long and thin, with a short nose, and we want to keep the weight of the tail as low as possible. The new layup is heavily inspired by one of Chocofly’s main builders and designers, who gave some very useful tips on how he does the fuselages.

As the first fuselage came out at 1.4kg, with the center of gravity at the trailing edge of the wing, it looks like we got it right. We need to check if we’re happy with the robustness of the fuselage and might make some small changes for the next one we built, but so far it looks ok.