JS3 – and then there were three!

Today my JS3 had another 2.5 hours of flying in light lift on our local slope. It was also the first time that we had three out of our four JS3 (Georg’s, Richie’s and mine) airborne on our slope at the same time. So much fun. The more I fly my JS3, the more I like it. It’s by far the best plane in light thermals in my scale glider collection. Even in light thermals it picks up every bit of lift. It loves tight curves, adding meter after meter of altitude. Stalling behaviour is excellent, even with large camber and lots of up elevator. It just needs rudder for a nice tight curve, and reacts amazingly well to even the tiniest of outer aileron throws. It’s a dream to fly, so easy, it mostly flies itself, and amazingly responsive. As I’ve only flown the 5.14m (18m) version so far I’ve been taking it easy on the fast flyby’s (the wings are very flexible and I don’t want to risk a flutter), but it does seem to like them too. I’m hearing that the prototype of the commercial version, to be produced by Chocofly, is nearing completion – I’ll report on that one as soon as I get some postable material.

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