Maiden flight of my JS3

Almost three years after we kicked off our JS3 project, today my JS3, the third of four that we built, had it’s maiden flight. See some pictures and a short video below.

The first flight went very well, lasting 1.5hrs, and ending up racing GPS triangles together with Georg and his virtually identical JS3 (the first one built, which maidened almost two years ago). Pure bliss. It needs a bit of fine-tuning still, and will take a few more flights to get it perfect. It’s amazing how fast this plane picks up thermals – the best in my scale collection. And it almost flies itself. You park it into a thermal with a bit of rudder and it does all the flying for you. It’s incredibly stable. I’ve only flown the 5.12m (18m) version today, and am very happy with the amount of flex in the wings, which gives it a great “scale” look, “hanging” in the sky.

A small mishap had a good ending: At the end of the 2nd flight I lost my canopy when I was far out at around 100m elevation (note to self: check lock and secure with tape). We saw something drop down from the plane, but couldn’t see what it was. Fortunately my friends watched closely where it landed and we managed to recover it quickly – amazingly without a scratch! Landing without canopy was no problem, which also says a lot about how stable this plane is.

Andi is planning to have the maiden flight of his JS3 in the coming week. I’ll post some further pictures and movies on the JS3 in the future, hopefully also of our four JS3 together.

I do hope however that my next post will be about the maiden flight of our latest project, the Embraer EMB-400 Urupema, with a bit of luck in the next week or two.


2 thoughts on “Maiden flight of my JS3

  1. I offer you a hearty congratulations on your success, Jurgen!
    You and your friends work is fun to follow.

    • Thanks Douglas! I hope you can get your JS3 soon as well, you’ll like it. Stay safe.

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