ASW-20: Ready for maiden flight

The ASW-20 is ready for its maiden flight. As I got the plane with all servos and IDS installed, the work wasn’t that much, but still took me a day and a half. Especially installing the FES was a bit more work than planned. I took the recommended setup, which, unusual for me, requires the bulkhead to be placed all the way at the front of the fuselage (usually I have a few mm at the front to also insert a carbon roving there). Positioning the bulkhead also wasn’t easy, as the nose of the ASW is all but round and I didn’t manage to get the fuselage as perfectly round as usual. Also the 3-4 degrees downward angle of the motor actually looks very much up and the 40mm Spinner isn’t quite as nice as the 42mm Spinner I usually get. But it still looks more than fine.

There were also a few mishaps with the wiring. The pre-installed wiring for the elevator and rudder servos had a shortcut between the signal wire of both the elevator and the rudder, so that they couldn’t be operated independently. I redid all the wiring for the elevator and rudder. Also one of the wing servos wasn’t working, but fortunately just turned out to be plugged in wrongly in the wing – which was easy to resolve.

I did some decals based on a Swiss ASW-20 I found on the web – I may do something different if I find something nicer.

The plane is now 4.76kg, well below the planned weight of 5-5-5kg. Together with the powerful 6S leomotion outrunner setup that should make for very easy handstarts.

Here are the specs of the ASW-20:

– Wing Servos KST x10 and X08plus (ailerons)
– Elevator and Rudder Futaba 3174
– LeoFES L4632-340
– Freudenthaler Scale-CFK-Spinner 40/6.0mm/+0® mit Versatz
– LeoFES L46xx Spant 38mm aus CFK (probably a 40mm would have been better)
– Leomotion Carbon Propeller 18.0 x 13.0 Scale (8m m) – weiss
– ESC Castle Light 100

I’ll fly it with 2x 3S 3300mAh LiPos and a 2S 450mAh backup LiPo running over a Scorpion Powerguard. I also use two Futaba R7008SB receivers in an S.BUS Setup over a Dualsky S.Hub Duo. I’ve set the center of gravity at 85mm as recommended, but with space to move it further back.