Ventus 2c: fitting the wings and covering them with glass

Having completed the basic build of the wings I first spent a morning sanding down the ebechi and getting the leading edge into the right shape. A lot of very dusty work, best done outside on a sunny day. After that it was time to fit them to the fuselage. Lots of measuring and trying, before glueing the 6mm aluminium pins into place. To ensure a perfect fit with the fuselage I then first closed the end of the wings with a bit of carbon and with a bit of epoxy with lots of microballoons filled any remaining gaps between the wings and the fuselage. Following that I completed the wingtips, in two steps, using small bits of balsa wood, glued on using thickened epoxy resin. Following all that was another coat of transparent primer to ensure that the ebechi doesn’t absorb too much epoxy.

Then it was time to cover the wings in glass. We use 49gr glass, applied at a 45 degree angle to improve the torsional stiffness of the wings. We apply it using a paint roller and an old anti-stick frying pan. The epoxy is mixed with 30% methanol, so it gets really watery. First the underside, then let the epoxy cure (with the wings hanging leading edge up, to avoid deformation). Then the upper side, again letting the epoxy cure with the leading edge up.