Ventus 2c: closing the wings

It’s always satisfying to see the wings of a new build for the first time “in full”. I spent two mornings with help of my flying buddy EP to close both wings – the first time I am doing this in my own workshop. I was a bit nervous about how accurate my calculations for the thickness of the main spar were (if you get it wrong then the carbon roving “overflow” from the cutouts, which is a pain to correct afterwards) – but they proved about right. I’m also not unhappy with the weight of the wings: 588 and 594gr. I’ll be able to reduce the slight difference in weight when sanding down the ebechi. The wings are around 40gr heavier than the ones built in my club twenty years ago (they came out at around 450gr). The reason for that is that all inserts in the wing are carbon rather than a combination of kevlar, glass and carbon in the earlier builds. The biggest difference is that I significantly beefed up the amount of carbon rovings in the main spar – the wing is nice and stiff – perfect for the slope  :-).