Ventus 2c: cockpit frame and instrument panel

After leaving the “raw” cockpit frame to cure for a few days it was ready to be sanded into shape (our epoxy cures in 12 hours, but it’s easier to sand if you leave it a few days). With a lot of material needing to be removed, this is a messy job, but the result is ok.

I also used a glass fiber plate that I made with two layers of 100gr glass to shape the cover of the instrument panel. The plywood panel is based on a drawing of the original cockpit panel. After potisioning this with 5 minute epoxy, I cut the individual glass segments. These I also glued in place with a few dots of 5minute epoxy and then added two layers of glass with epoxy resin on the inside.

My mate Georg gave me a really old seatpan from his stock that fits well with the fuselage.

The result isn’t totally “scale”, but good enough for me.