VT-16 Orlik: elevator and rudder ready, fuselage servos installed

Today I finished covering elevator and rudder and applied the final (3rd) layer of dope. The rudder came out very well, but I will need to check a few things on the elevator’s fitting to the fuselage still (there’s a small difference in the throw of the two sides) before it can go off to the paintshop. I also installed the rudder and towhook servos, as well as the plate for the bungee hook (we usually start using a bungee on our airfield). Both rudder and towhook are the usual setup, with the rudder using the nifty adjustable wheel developed by our club, in a pull-pull setup using a kevlar cord. Now I’m looking for the right moment to cut the canopy to shape – a very tedious job which I’ve been putting off and for which I need to be in the right mood ;-).

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