Chocofly JS3 – ready for the maiden flight

With the JETEC E70 and retractable gear fully installed, and having prepared the rest of the components for the fuselage a few weeks ago, all that remained was finalising the installation of the components into the fuselage and programming the transmitter. It still took me more than two rainy days of work, but the JS3 is now ready for its maiden flight. The take-off weight is 6.67kg (this time weighed with my professional Mettler scales – having obtained different values from my cheapo scales earlier). That includes two 3S 3700mAh LiPos for the EDF, and a 2S 2200 Lipo as backup power (main power comes off the BEC from the ESC). I put the Center of Gravity at 103mm, identical to our scratch-built JS3 (which has the same wing layout and profile, but a larger elevator and thicker fuselage), this is also what Dani from Chocofly is flying his prototype with. Georg is also close to finishing his JS3 – once the weather is ok again we can maiden both our JS3 and my Moswey III.

That concludes my builds for this flying season. I’m pretty proud of a productive winter – having (finally!) finished my Moswey III, built a great towplane (Eco-Boomster) and completed the Chocofly JS3 Rapture. Now it’s time to go flying, do some maintenance, but also start on the next projects for the coming winter – more on that soon. And of course I’ll post some pictures and videos of the maiden and other flights :-).