Towing time!

With an early onset of spring weather and easing up of the COVID restrictions I’ve been able to maiden my new Towplane, the Eco-Boomster from Hager CNC (see build report in the earlier blog entry below) last week. As I’d seen both the plane and the motor setup “at work”, it was no surprise that the maiden went well. I did two short flights to check all settings (no trim needed, just a bit more down elevator on full flaps, and reducing the full flap throw). It’s incredibly stable, very easy to fly and a breeze to land.

For the third flight my mate Georg offered his 4.8m Ventus 2cx as towcharge, with him as the pilot. I’d only ever done two aerotows as a towpilot before, but all went well. I’ve been doing quite a few tows since, getting used to the plane and especially learning how to tow correctly – which is harder than I expected. But it’s great fun. Yesterday we had a 2nd aerotow day – this’ll definitely become a regular feature as of now.

The motor setup is very powerful, even too powerful. I’ve reduced maximum throttle by 25% – and even then do most tows with half to 2/3 throttle. But it’s great to have that extra power when needed. I can do at least 4-5 tows to 300m with a single 2x6S 7000mAh charge.

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