Diana 2 Flyday

Dani Aeberli from Chocofly.com organised the first Diana Flyday on 16 August 2020, in Eglisau, Switzerland. He brought together 27 Dianas, with pilots coming from as far as Geneva, including three scratch-built Diana 1 (4.28m), a whole bunch of Diana 2 (4.28m, both scratch-built and the Chocofly version), as well as the 5m version of the Diana 2 (scratch-built, and Baudis, and a combination of both), and the Chocofly 6m and 7.5m versions. Our building team was represented by Georg Staub (who came with 8 Dianas!), Andi Schwerzmann (4 Dianas) and myself (also 4 Dianas – lined up in the first two pictures below). Our team supplied all the scratch-built planes (the amazing 4.28m Chocofly Diana2 is the commercial version of the one built by members of our team). Georg and I flew our already 14 year old Diana 1, still a fantastic glider, and we also enjoyed some amazing flying of Dani and his 7.5m Diana2. A you’ll have concluded already by my ample use of superlatives: an awesome day, and a big thank you to Dani for organising it. See below for a few pictures. More pictures and videos can be found on the social media channels of chocofly.com.


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  1. With 16 Diana planes coming from your building team, its shows how much development work there is behind the ChocoFly version of the 4,28 m Diana 2. I don’t think any other brand can count on so much prototype experience. It should be no wonder its flies so well, still it manages to surprise me with its performance. Yesterday, there was not a single missed landing. Even the only interrupted glider tow, where I had to land after gaining only 10-12 meter of altitude, was successful thanks to the excellent finesse of this Diana 2: I could still make a full (very low) landing circuit. Even more impressive, the thermal spiralling by Georg Staub, who managed to stay twice as long in the air as any other participants. Thank you all: Dani and the Choco team, the hosting club and the Diana builders for the sharing of expertise and the great towing team for this excellent day in Eglisau. Greetings from Geneva,

    • Thanks Robert! It was great to meet and fly with you on Sunday – what a day! Georg is an absolute magician both in designing planes, and a master in flying them, all of that with a passion and dedication that’s very rare. It’s that passion, which is also shared by Dani, which ultimately makes these planes so great. They’re designed and built by excellent pilots, not for commercial purposes, but because they’re great planes. I consider myself very lucky being able to partake in that, and think it’s great that Dani helps others do likewise by producing some of the best planes (SB-14, Diana2 and shortly also JS3) commercially. I hope we can fly together again sometime soon.

      • Hi Jürgen,
        It was a pleasure to meet you and to spend the day in Eglisau with all the Diana pilots, builders and ChocoFly crew. I came back highly motivated and further fine-tuned the settings of my Diana 2 with Georges’ and your input, to have optimal profiles for all flight modes. The climb rate with the new (“Krallen”) thermal setting is spectacular, and the plane remains very well behaved in the slow or narrow spirals. Yesterday evening, I could fly more than an hour on the Mont Salève, climbing easily twice as high as the paragliders, which gave me extra space to fly freely. If you have the opportunity to come to Geneva when there is West or South-West wind (usually 1-2 days before the weather turns bad), I’ll be happy show you this great hang. Compliments again for your blog. All the best, Robert

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