Practicing fuselage building

We’ll need to produce four JS3 fuselages over the next few months. To make sure that we get these right we decided to do two practice runs, using the almost 40 years old moulds of the Moswey III classic Swiss glider. Georg built the first model of this glider in the late 1970s/early 1980s and still flies it at least once a year. It’s a must in every Swiss RC Glider pilot’s hangar. Georg and I still have a set of ribs for the wings, elevator and rudder of the excellent Frank Albrecht kit, so we decided to make two more fuselages out of the old moulds to enable each of us to build a Moswey III. Andi, the master painter in our JS3 team, kindly spray painted the moulds. This will enable us to build the fuselages as light as possible as only a thin layer of paint will be needed to finish the fuselages once they come out of the mould. Yesterday we built the first of our two fuselages, learning a lot in the process. Curious to see how it will come out of the moulds in a few days’ time.

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