JS3 (Chocofly) Settings

I’ve had several requests for the settings that I’m using for my Chocofly JS3, so I’ve measured them and set them out below.

Note that all these settings are very much a matter of taste/preference and reflect how you fly. I like to have my center of gravity as much as possible to the rear and love it when the glider comes down straight as an arrow with a bit of negative camber. I also only fly with minimal throw on the wing control surfaces when I can, but have larger throws available over a switch. On top of that I always define a “speed” (negative camber) as well as three “Thermal” (camber) settings (“small”, “medium” and “large”), where “large” tends to be a lot, but reduced towards the outer control surfaces of the wing.

My settings reflect the fact that I mostly fly my gliders in light thermals and on the slope. Others will have different settings and preferences. Also important to note that I’m still not 100% satisfied with these settings and, as with all my gliders, will continue to fine-tune them – the only way to get these right for you is to fly and adjust (not copy values from some vague internet blog ;-).

Center of Gravity: 110m (or more)

Longitudinal dihedral (Elevator Incidence): slightly increased with two layers of 3m vinyl tape at the back (imprecise, yes I know :-))

Differential of ailerons (more aileron throw up than down):

  • Speed: 100-80
  • Normal: 100-60
  • Thermal S: 100-50
  • Thermal M: 100-50
  • Thermal L: 100-45

Ailerons (values inner side wing):

  • Small: 5mm (up)
  • Big: 9mm (up)

Add (each separately over switch):


    • Small: 3.5mm (up)
    • Big: 5.5mm (up)

Airbrakes/inner flaps:

      • Small: 1mm (up)
      • Big: 2mm (up)

Rudder: 25mm (or maximum mechanically available)(measured @ lower end)


  • Small: 3mm (up&down)
  • Big: 4.5mm (up&down)


  • Flaps: 8mm up
  • Airbrakes/inner flaps: 47mm down
  • Elevator: 25mm down

Camber settings:

Speed: 1mm up entire wing

Thermal S: 2.5mm down entire wing

Thermal M: 4mm down Airbrakes/inner flaps, 3mm flaps, 2.5mm ailerons

Thermal L: 6mm down airbrakes/inner flaps, 4mm flaps, 2.5mm ailerons