Ventus 2c: wingtip dihedrals

The Ventus wing has multiple dihedrals. The first two were built into the wing as part of cutting the wing’s foam core. The last two (6 and 15 degrees) were too much for the thickness of the foam and must be added after the wing is completed. As it only concerns the outer two wing segments, there is no need for complicated spars or internal reinforcements. I simply separated the last two segments with a saw, sanded them back to get the right angle, removed some of the foam on both sides of the cut and re-attached the two segments using epoxy resin thickened with cotton flakes and aerosil. I did this in two steps, to make sure that I got the right and identical dihedrals on both wings. After letting the epoxy cure I will put a thin strip of 49gr glass fiber (45 degree fibers) over the seams, both on top and underneath the wings. That should be strong enough for this glider.

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