(Most of) the electronics

Yesterday we got most of the electronics for our Diana4, as well as parts for my Ventus 2c and two other gliders that members of our building team are currently working on (a scale 1:3.5 SB-14 and another Moswey III). The parts were supplied by Leomotion, as usual.

For the Diana and my Ventus 2C we will be using:
Chocomotion 10/10 on the brake and camber flaps
Chocomotion 8/6 on the ailerons
For all wing servos we are using the Chocomotion servo frames and aluminium levers (10/7/5mm).
MKS HV6130H on elevator
Chocomotion 12/9.5 on Rudder

In addition, we will use for the Diana4:
Chocomotion 12/9.5 for towhook
Chocomotion 180/30 for retractable landing gear

All Diana4 will get a FES motor: a Dualsky XM5060EA3-14, with a Freudenthaler Scale Spinner (43/6/0degr – mit Versatz) and a GM 18×10 Scale Prop and a Castle 100 Light ESC.

I’ll also put a FES onto my Ventus 2c, but will still need to determine which motor setup.

We’ve used all components before and have flown hundreds of hours with them – this is our preferred setup.

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