Diana4 and Ventus 2C: Wing joiners and ballast tubes

In-between other tasks I’ve been preparing the sleeves for the wing joiners and the ballast tubes for the 4.5m Ventus 2C and the 5.14m Diana 4. I’ve also given my new vacuum pump a test run and have done most preparations to build the elevator and rudder for the Ventus 2C.

The sleeves for the wing joiners are done as usual: first liberally apply Teflon bike lubricant to the wing joiner and wrap it 1.5 times with a thin plastic bag. Then pull over a kevlar tube and wrap it with kevlar rovings. Then tightly wrap the whole thing with tear-off fabric, put a weight at the end and hang it out to allow the epoxy to cure. We always leave the sleeve on the wing joiner while building the wings and only pull out the wing joiner once the wing shell is done.



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