Diana 4: first fuselage in the mould and first assembly

After our building team colleague and master painter Andi painted the JS3/Diana4 moulds last week, today Georg and I built the first fuselage. It’s always a bit harder to build the first one after a break of almost a year, and are using a new epoxy resin and a different size 160gr glass, which also takes a bit of getting used to. Include setting up the workshop, other preparations, waiting before joining the two mould halves and cleaning up afterwards we almost spent the whole day working.

While we were waiting for the epoxy to cure a bit before joining the two halves of the mould, excitement got the better of us and we put the wing and elevator shells that Georg finished over the weekend on the fuselage of his scratch-built JS3 (the same fuselage we are using for the Diana 4). The result looks great.

Joining the fuselage halves went very well. We will release the first Diana4 fuselage from its mould on Wednesday afternoon.