VT-16 Orlik: Fuselage Mould (1)

Time to start work on the fuselage mould. Our shaper Richie kindly also prepared the separation plane (Trennebene). Getting it to fit exactly around the fuselage mould was a full morning of work still. After that the fuselage mould was centered exactly into the separation plane (a laser really helps with that), and the space between the plug and plane filled with paste. Georg then spent a few hours waxing both the plug and the plane. On Tuesday we then built the first half of the fuselage mould. First a coat of moulding resin, reinforced with a few glass fibers. Then several layers of glass. Since we will only be building three or four fuselages out of this mould, we’re not overdoing it on the amount of glass (160-240-240-240-160, with two extra layers of 240 aroung the edges).

At the same time we also build the stamp for the canopy. A plug was prepared by our shaper Richie. Georg made a glass mould around that plug. We then coated the mould with a few layers of moulding resin, and then filled it with a mixture of ground shells (used for bird cages 🙂 ) and resin, as well as a piece of foam in the middle.

While the resin on the mould and stamp is curing, Georg will add the feet to the first half of the mould.

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