Maiden flight of my Moswey III

Yesterday my Moswey III successfully completed its maiden flight, completing the maiden flights of this winter’s builds. I was quite nervous about this one, since I’ve been building this plane for quite a few years now. It’s been one of my most difficult builds, with lots of possibilities to “get it wrong”.

Well, it looks like I got all essentials right :-). We decided to take three of our recent Moswey III builds (all based on the kit from, but with different versions of the kit and different glass fuselages) so that we could compare and finetune settings on all three. Georg Staub has been flying his Moswey III quite a bit in the last few weeks and has gradually moved the center of gravity forwards to 125mm, and increased the longitudinal dihedral, as well as the throw of most control surfaces. We copied these settings on all three Moswey III before maidening mine in aerotow.

The maiden flight went very well. We had to mix in a bit of down elevator with the motor, and a bit of up elevator with the airbrakes, but for the rest the settings seemed spot on. As I was flying the towplane in the afternoon, Georg Staub had the honour of doing the maiden flight and all follow-up flights in the afternoon. I did fly it for a short bit, but since he flies mode 4 and I fly mode 2 (swapped rudder and aileron controls) it’s hard to get a real feel for the plane. Georg was having a great time flying mine though, in the end really putting it through its paces with some nice aerobatics – something the original Moswey was actually also designed for. Interesting was the difference between my Moswey and the one of our third colleague. His is around 2kg heavier (a bit over 7kgs rather than the 5.4kg of mine). The heavier Moswey also flies very well, but, not surprisingly, has a much higher stall speed and is a bit harder (faster) to land. The light version thermals incredibly well and is a breeze to land.

I hope to fly my Moswey III on my local club’s airfield with catapult start over the next two weeks. The third week of June it will come to our annual Hahnenmoos slope soaring week, where we hope to get together a whole bunch of Mosweys.



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