Re-organising the website

Originally this website started out as a blog tracking the building of our scratch-built JS3 – mostly as my own online “notebook” to track how we build our planes. Over time it has evolved in an overview of multiple builds, both from scratch, but also kits and ARF planes. I was astonished to find that I’ve got more than 125 posts on it.

Unfortunately, it has also become very hard to find information on a single plane. So it was time to slightly reorganise the site. You will now find a new tab “Models”, under which I’ve listed the various models that are described in this blog. For each of these models I will over the next few months construct it’s own page, with data and a few pictures for that model, but also with a link to all related blog posts. Until then, the links on the models page will lead you to a page with all the blog posts related to that model only. I hope that makes it easier to find information on a specific plane.

Users may also notice that I removed the “build gallery”. I initially included this to allow access to full size pictures in the blog. As I hadn’t updated the build gallery for a while, and all blog posts now link directly to the full size pictures, I decided to remove this page.

Finally, I’ve also reopened the blog posts for comments. I closed this a few months ago as a result of the huge amount of spam I was getting. I hope that the new spam filter prevents this, but still allows those who want to comment to do so. Note that comments will need to be approved by me before they appear on the page.

As always, thanks for visiting my site and feedback welcome.

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