Moswey III cockpit

I’ve had some questions on the design of the instrument panel of my Moswey III. While there are lots of examples on the web of instrument panels for the HB-373 and HB-374, I only found two pretty vague pictures of the HB-474. I decided to reconstruct the instrument panel based on these pictures, and pictures of the appropriate instruments I found on on the web.

The instruments on my cockpit panel are printed and covered in transparent vinyl. I drilled appropriate size holes in 0.7mm plywood, stuck the instrument pictures behind the holes and glued the whole thing to 3mm plywood. The rings around the instruments are washers and o-rings to fix water taps, spray painted black. The 0.7mm plywood was painted in a transparent brown varnish. Result doesn’t look too bad. For those interested in building this instrument panel, the PDF file below contains the data required to construct one yourself.

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