Moswey III ready for its maiden flight

The last “small” bits of work always take more time than expected, but the Moswey III is ready for its maiden flight!

Because of the short nose and relatively large elevator and rudder, most Mosweys need quite a bit of trim weight in the nose. The goal of this build was to replace this weight with a light motor setup, and avoid having to add any dead weight. Unfortunately I didn’t quite succeed in doing this. With the light motor setup and 2x3S 3700mAh batteries placed way at the front, I still need approximately 140gr of trim weight in the nose. But even with that trim weight the take-off weight of my Moswey is below the targeted weight of 5.5kg. Even with the heavier full-carbon wing joiner it’s a leasurely 5.36kg.

Most of the Moswey III builds I’ve seen are either in yellow or in blue, and based on the HB-373 or HB-374. I’ve chosen to go for the less known HB-474. I found a few pictures of this one in full white, probably following its restoration and before the final paint was applied (at the time of writing this blog post the HB-474 has yellow wings and a white fuselage, it’s based in the UK and actually up for sale). The clover on the tail is also on the original, and I decided to add the Moswey III logo to the nose (thanks to Frank Albecht from for supplying pictures of the original logo for me to use to cut the logo).

A quick summary of this build: the fuselage and wing joiner are self-made, using old club moulds from the 1970s. The kit for the wings, elevator and rudder is from, which is in turn based on the original 1970s build from Georg Staub, member of our building team. It’s not an easy build, but a beautiful kit for a great and very well flying plane.

I’m looking forward to flying this beauty shortly.

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