Starting work on the Chocofly JS3

Finally found the time to start working on the Chocofly JS3. The build quality of the Chocofly JS3 is excellent, and the amount of work to be done not too bad, it’s a real joy to work on this.

I’ve glued in the elevator servo and prepared the pushrod. The landing gear (own production from our club), rudder servo and the towhook, are also ready to be installed, but I’ll wait with doing so until the Impeller is in place.

Today I started work on the wings and cut out/glued in the IDS rudder horns for all six control surfaces. Dani from Chocofly kindly provided fitting rudder parts and perfectly fitting aluminium IDS servo arms. Tomorrow I hope to finish installing the wing servos, and then will start soldering the wiring harness. The difficult part will be installing the impeller – which I’ve never done before…