Urupema ready to maiden!

The final “small” things always take much more time than planned, but the Urupema is ready for its maiden flight! I still intend to add some red stripes and more decals. For that we will need access to the paint shop though, which is not easy due to the COVID-19 semi-Lockdown here in Switzerland. They will need to wait.

The plane weights around 7.2 kg (4.28m wingspan, scale 1:3.5). I can add quite a bit of ballast (up to a 800gr brass) in the ballast chambers built into the wings. Am curious to see how this one will fly. Unfortunately the maiden flight will have to wait a bit. I first intend to maiden my JS3, which has been sitting ready to maiden in the workshop since November last year. Then I want to wait for our building team colleague Georg to maiden his Urupema. Not only is he a master in getting the plane’s settings right, he also has access to an airfield where he can maiden his Urupema in aerotow (the safer option for a fully new own design plane), whereas I don’t (due to attendance restrictions for guests on most nearby airfields as a result from COVID-19).