Elevator and Cockpit

I’m not very good in making nice cockpits. Although I admire colleagues that do perfect scale cockpits, I just can’t be bothered to take the time to do it myself and usually do a very rudimentary job. I’m too keen to get onto the next project or go flying :-). The Urupema cockpit was a bit of an issue, since we had no pictures whatsoever of what the original looks like. While Richie made a all of us very nice seat pans, we re-used the instrument panel from our Diana2, which looks to fit quite nicely. I also lack the skills to make a nice seat, so I usually just cut a piece of felt to size.

As our Urupema is built for higher speeds than usual, having a robust elevator is important. Usually we attach our elevators with plastic screws (allowing them to break with rough landings on the slope), but this time we attach it with a metal screw, but the front of the elevator is attached with a carbon rod (allowing it to break there if the elevator gets caught in a rough landing). The control horn is glass fiber. As the elevator hinge is on the topside of the elevator, the lower side doesn’t need an epoxy seal, I just use tape.

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