Urupema back from the paintshop and fully polished

Earlier this week I also got the Urupema fuselage back from the paint shop. I spent quite a few hours sanding and polishing it to a shine. I first used 600 grain sanding paper, then 800, then 1500 and then a 3000 diamond polishing pad. After that I treated it with machine polish and shiner, using the polishing machine.

The paint shop and especially the polishing afterwards is always very unforgiving when it comes to small mistakes in the building. There are the inevitable spots where it’s not quite perfect, it’s obviously made by hand, but I’m satisfied. I’m particularly happy with the spray filler that I’ve used for the first time on the seam on the top of the fuselage and part of the wings. I was a bit nervous trying this out, hoping that it wouldn’t react with the final coat of paint. It came out well though. I couldn’t resist sticking a few of the decals on and putting the plane together for a photo session.

Now the hard work on finishing the wings starts. Next step is cutting out the control surfaces. No mistakes allowed there…


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