Urupema: ready for the paint shop

The filler/primer on the wings was sanded down again, to get a really smooth surface. Last week we also got the canopies, which we had produced by a friend, using our mould. I spent quite a bit of time fitting it to the canopy frame, before fixing it with epoxy resin. It looks quite good. I also fitted the towhook and bungee hook, as well as an extra bulkhead to hold the seat inlay. Today I prepared all the parts for spray painting (canopy is always a lot of work to prepare), as well as the tools to hold the parts during spraying and letting the paint harden out. Tomorrow I’ll bring all of it to Andi, the master painter in our building team. I hope he can get a slot in the paintshop over the weekend. I am very curious to see how it will come out…spray painting tends to be quite merciless in showing where you made mistakes……


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