Urupema decals

In the meanwhile I’ve also been searching the web for Urupema pictures to help decide what we want our Urupemas to look like. As the plane was built in so many version, with so many different decals we’ve decided that we have a bit of liberty with this, but will allow ourselves to be inspired by the version that’s most photographed on the internet (see for instance here). We will go for a Brazilian design. I’ve identified the fonts of both the logo under the cockpit (Microgramma bold-extend) and the registration number (Bahnschrift Semibold Condensed) and done a first design of what our decals can look like. We now need to decide on the registration numbers we want to use. I’ve also ordered a couple of Brazilian flag stickers, which we may stick to the tail fin if they look nice enough. Note that the below file links through to the PDF version of the graphics, which are free for anybody to use.


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