Urupema build progress – wings

It’s been a while since the last update on our Urupema build, and a lot has happened. We finished building the four fuselages (Georg and Andi pushed out the last three while I was on vacation). Two sets of wings are done. Andi and I have been working on the third set of wings (mine) over the past week. Yesterday we bagged the first, which came out very well. We hope to bag the second wing of my Urupema sometime next week. We’ve been using 160gr carbon biax cloth for the full surface of the wing (top and bottom), in addition to progressive carbon rovings (37 at the top and bottom for the first 10cm, reduced to one at full length of the wing), and of course the usual carbon sock around the wing spar and control surface hinges. We’re also building ballast chambers on both sides of the wing joiner. The result is an incredibly stiff wing, with a nice flexibility at the tips, exactly how we wanted it.

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