In-between: another Diana2….

With the JS3 maiden flight still to go, my favourite plane by far remains the Diana2. So far I had three versions: my 1:3.5, 4.28m and 5.65kg scratch-built (my favourite!), the Chocofly derivative of our scratch-built (identical size and profile), with 6.3kg (Alpine version) as well as the Baudis/Chocofly 1:3, 5m version (8.2kgs). The great thing about the Diana2 is that it’s such a versatile plane and can be flow in weak thermals and in extreme slope conditions. It performs very well at low weight (a real “balloon”) but also carries ballast and higher weight extremely well, when it becomes a real racer. I’ve been wanting to built a “light” version for a while. Chocofly was able to supply me with an extra fuselage, which I’ve now built as a light glider. It’s ready to maiden, and I hope to do a first aerotow soon, and use it on the slope afterwards.

2 thoughts on “In-between: another Diana2….

  1. She is a beautiful Lady, Diana 2!

    If you find you are not enamored with the JS3 after your maiden flight…
    Please consider selling it to me!

    • 🙂 I’m afraid I can already answer that one, having flown the JS3 of my mate Georg. They’re very different planes. The JS3 is a wonderful thermaller, especially the long wing version, where you can almost fly it solely on rudder, without using ailerons. It’s great for GPS triangle and weak thermals. Diana2 is more of an allrounder and definitely a slope racer. They complement eachother very well. I’m building up my fleet of planes to cover the various conditions in which we fly, where the JS3 fills the final gap, a wonderful spring and autumn plane, that was only partially filled by the SB14.

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