Georg’s Urupema

While I’m still working on the wings of my Urupema, and Andi is working on the fuselage of his, our “Master Builder” Georg has been making excellent progress on his. He’s finished the rudder (with Rotational Drive System – RDS) and elevator installation and his plane is just about ready to be spray painted. It looks awesome.

We also got most of the parts of the landing gear together, including some bits that were cnc milled by a colleague. I’ll need to do some work on the missing bits today.

Georg also checked the weight of his Urupema. He’s expecting a take-odd weight of around 6300 gr., which means 63 gr/dm2. With the ballast in the chambers it will be around 78 gr. /dm2. Another plane that will be great both for thermals and heavier slope work.


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