Swift S1 Maiden flight (OO-YES)

And finally the winter fog cleared! Yesterday afternoon I took the Fridayfly Swift S.1 (2.8m, 4.6kg) to our airfield for its maiden flight. Start was using our club’s catapult. The leomotion motor (L4031-2550, with 6.7:1 gearbox and RFM 16×13 Prop, running on 6S) has plenty power. It needed a bit of up elevator, and the throws are quite large. Unfortunately the conditions were far from perfect for flying, incredibly bad visibility and a low sun meant being very careful. And this time of year you can just about forget about any thermals, especially with a heavy plane like this of course (it’s meant for the slope, not our airfield). It flies incredibly well though, and I’m looking forward to taking this to one of our local slopes soon, and Hahnenmoos in June….

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