Urupema Parts (electronics and servo mounts)

On Monday we had a team discussion on which electronics and servo mounts to use for our Urupema and ordered the parts on Monday afternoon.

Our electronics we always get at leomotion.com. We’re fortunate that their shop is a short drive from where we live, and Urs and his team offer excellent advise and service. Richie will, as always, build his Urupema without motor. The rest of us have opted for the newer version (Dualsky XM5060EA-14 KV340) of the same outrunner that we’ve been using for the JS3 (and in my SZD54, AvantiHawk and Taranis). It’s very powerful, extremely silent and good value. The only change is that we’ll be using the new “scale” propeller from GM (18×10 Scale), which should fit even better with the fuselage than the version we used on our JS3 (where we used an 18×13). For the servos we use the powerful Chocomotion/Fox 8 and 10mm (wing) and the 12mm (tow release). Elevator will be expensive but virtually indestructible MKS 6130. For our rudder we will use the trusted old Futaba 3174 with the Leomotion RDS adapter (rudder will be operated through RDS, more on that later). ESC will again be using the Castle Phoenix Edge 100 Light, which always works and is a breeze to program. We’re waiting for the new 43mm spinner from RFM with a slightly wider prop mount which should look better with the new GM props.

For our servo mounts and wing surface control we again went for the IDS system from servorahmen.de, which we ordered directly with them. We’ve been using Florian’s system for our past few builds and really like it. While a bit fiddlier to install than the “classical” system with clevises, the ability to build it almost entirely within the wing is aesthetically pleasing. It’s also very rigid, without any play on the system itself. The only “disadvantages” are that it needs quite strong servos (but the Chocomotion servos have plenty power) and when the wings are very thin it’s better to make your own control horn at the side of the wing control surface to ensure that the servo has enough leverage.

Oh, and the Urupema moulds have been polished to a shine, with six coats of wax and are waiting to be painted so we can build our first fuselage hopefully in the coming week.

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  1. I hope to see some written details concerning the usage of the IDS and RDS systems. 🙂

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