JS3 – ready for its maiden flight!

The last bits of getting a model ready always take longer than planned, but my JS3 is ready for its maiden flight! I’m pretty excited about the final weight, around 6.6kgs with the long wings, so it should thermal very well. I still want to add some stripes to the underside of the wings and do some more work on the cockpit interior, but will wait with doing that until after the maiden flight.

We started the project in June 2017 (beginning of this blog) when we first laid out the enlarged plans on the floor of Georg’s workshop, fell in love with the plane and decided to build it, sharing out the work according to availability and skills in our team of four (Georg, Richie, Andi and myself). Georg, our lead designer, maidened his JS3 in spring 2018 (I think it was the first JS3 scale model to fly). Andi’s JS3 was finished a few weeks ago, and Richie is about to finish his. I’m so looking forward to the maiden flight of my JS3, and seeing all four of them in the air together.

This is only my second fully scratch-built plane (not counting the AvantiHawk), and the first one where I’ve been involved in every step of the process. But it was by far the most difficult build so far. The complexity of the wings, two sets of winglets and the exchangeable outer wings were a lot of extra work. My JS3 is far from perfect, there are many mistakes in it that I wouldn’t make again, but I’m still very happy with the final result. Having seen how Georg’s JS3 flies, I know all the work will be worth it.

3 thoughts on “JS3 – ready for its maiden flight!

  1. Hi Jürgen,
    I have just two questions for you today.

    1.Did you guys purchase the retract assembly, or build that from scratch as well?

    2. Can you rise from ground with the propeller system, or is it for sustaining flight?

    I do not see the “mistakes” you made. I doubt they will stay in your mind once you are flying this beauty!

    Unfortunately I didn’t get on a list to purchase my own JS3 until perhaps 10 or more people were already on it.

    So it likely will be many years before I can experience that feeling!



    • Hi Douglas, sorry to hear that there is already quite a list for the commercial JS3, but hope you will get yours relatively soon. 1) retract is indeed an own design, done within our club, and not commercially available (we had quite a few produced, but are running out); 2) it’s not a self-starter, the outrunner motor is not strong enough (therefore light and cheap) and we have no use for a self-starter. On our airfield we start with a catapult (it’s on a slight slope, see the multiple videos in my video section). We don’t have a runway that’s long enough to allow for a self-start. In the mountains we hand-start or also use the catapult/bungee. All the best, Jürgen

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