Urupema – wings and preparing for fuselage mould

After last week’s styro cutting we have now started building the wings. Georg is building his own, Andi and I are building the other three pairs. Today Andi and I bagged the upper side of wing nr.1 (out of 6), having prepared all the styro cores and abachi inlays yesterday. As you can see on the pictures we are going for a full carbon layup (between styro and abachi, 160gr inner side of the wing, 100gr outer side of the wing, with an extra 160gr inlay in the area of the wing joiner and an extra 100gr layer underneath the servos.

In the meanwhile Georg has finished the upper sides of his wings and has worked hard on preparing the plug for building the fuselage mould. With a bit of luck we should be able to build the first half of the mould this week still.