Baudis Diana 2 (1:3 – 5m)

As a huge Diana2 fan I couldn’t resist ordering a Baudis 1:3 version last summer. The plane was delivered a few weeks ago. Now that the AvantiHawk is airborne getting the Diana2 ready will be my priority for the next few weeks. Fortunately the amount of work that still needs to be done on this is limited – fitting canopy, motor and retractable gear, as well as the rudder servo. The wings and elevator servos are already installed. Initially I intended to build my own fuselage with this plane (we have moulds for our own 1:3 Diana2), following the example of Georg, one of the other members of our “building team”. Seeing how much work was needed to adjust the fuselage to the wings, and being unable to resist the urge to fly this plane during this season rather than only next year, I decided to go with the original Baudis fuselage instead (which Dani from Chocofly was able to deliver on very short notice, thanks Dani!). Unfortunately the Baudis fuselage is quite “anorexic”, compared to our own fuselage, so I may still want to do a self-built fuselage sometime in the future.

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