Maiden flight of the AvantiHawk!

This afternoon Georg and I maidened my new AvantiHawk on our club’s airfield. I started using the bungee (check out the video), and you will see in the bungee that it was a bit too agressive on the elevator (and on the ailerons). First flight went quite well though, stayed up in the air for 45 minutes using only a few minutes of motor. After adjusting the settings the second flight went much better. It seems that we got the center of gravity correct, and I’m not too far off with the other settings. Today’s conditions were not very favourable, and of course the real testing will come when I fly this baby on one of our favourite slopes, but what I saw today impressed me. This is one great little glider…

details: 4.12m wingspan, fuselage, rudder and elevator scratch built (Fuselage built by Richie), wings from the Chocofly Avanti, kindly supplied by Dani from ChocoFly,  5.8kg flying weight, all servos ChocoMotion, except the elevator (MKS). Motor is a Dualsky/Leomotion outrunner with a Castle Light 100A ESC and 2x 3300 3S Lipos.

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