The AvantiHawk is ready for its maiden flight!

The final bits of work are always more than planned, but over the weekend I finally managed to get the AvantiHawk ready for its maiden flight. I’ve set the CoG at 100mm for now, which is how colleagues fly the Chocofly Avanti (my AvantiHawk uses Chocofly Avanti Wings). Flying weight is 5.8KG with 2×3300 3S Lipos and a small Scorpion backup power system. I’ve built it so that I can fly it with 2×3700 3S Lipos as well, as well as a heavier Life backup power system that we developed in our club. Now all I need is the right weather….. In the meanwhile my JS3 also came back from the paintshop and I got the fuselage for my 1:3 Diana2. The Diana2 has priority and I hope to finish it in the next few weeks, after that it’s back to the JS3 again. More on that later.