Start of the next project….Embraer 400 Urupema

Although I still have enough work on my JS3 and AvantiHawk to keep me busy for a while (and there’s a Moswey III waiting to be finished as well), work has started on the next project. The same team that built the JS3 has decided to have a go at a 1:3.5 scale version of the Embraer 400 Urupema. It’s a Brazilian glider that was designed in the mid-1960s and that maidened in 1968. We got hold of some (very) rudimentary plans. Our shaper, Richie, has started work on the fuselage plug, using the rudder that Georg designed and that Georg and I cut a few weeks ago. We’re not a in a hurry, and it will take a while still until we can start work on the moulds, but it’s exciting to see the new project taking shape!

6 thoughts on “Start of the next project….Embraer 400 Urupema

  1. what sort of material do you use to make the mold? taking into account that it requires a lot of craftsmanship to make the actual shape take form, thank im greatly interested in your blog, specially when i read another post at embraer metioning the very first model they took to market one just like yours:)!

    • Glass, I’ll do a post with details when we make the mould for the Urupema. Also check out the earlier posts, where I show how we did the mould for the JS3.

      • Hi Juergen,
        Ok,agreed. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say. To me it looks like a Brazilian Copy of the Foka 4. Will you make it with the original airbrakes only or fit flaps to make it more versatile?

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