AvantiHawk off to the paintshop

It’s been too long since I’ve been able to post an update, also due to the hours spent on the new EU legislation on unmanned aircraft, which has now finally been completed and where we managed to convinced the EU to make a range of changes to better accommodate the concerns of us aeromodellers. Add to that the amazing weather, which meant an early start of the flying season :-).

In between other tasks I’ve made much progress on my AvantiHawk (Chocofly Avanti Wings with scratch-built Duckhawk Fuselage). Fitting the wings to the fuselage was more work than expected. It’s the first time that I’ve had to adjust wings to a different fuselage, and I’ve lost count of the amount of times that I had to sand, apply primer of resin with micro-balloons, and sand again, to get a halfway decent result. On Saturday I finally gave it to my friend Andi who will paint the fuselage, Canopy frame, elevator and rudder. I’m keen to see the result.

2 thoughts on “AvantiHawk off to the paintshop

  1. why dont you make full scale aircraft, you could sell them abroad, i mean out of europe, you have got lots and lots of experience, congrats guys, your work is great!

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