In the meanwhile….AvantiHawk!

Although our JS3 build is progressing steadily, the long time in between allowing the epoxy resin to harden out for each of the current steps of the build leaves a bit of time to work on something else. I’ve been looking for a relatively light (around 5.5kgs, easy to hand start) scale 1:3.5 glider to use my favourite local slope. A couple of months ago one of my friends gave me a surplus fuselage of a 1:3.5 Duckhawk that he built a few years ago (see this amazing video of a very lucky “touch and go” of his DuckHawk!). I’ve always like this plane, with its very characteristic fuselage, rudder and elevator. As I don’t time to build another pair of wings now, the question was whether I could use commercially available wings. I was very impressed by the new 4m Chocofly Avanti, designed within our club, and liked the quality of the wings, built by RCRCM in China. Dani (Chocofly’s owner and a member of our club) was able to provide a pair of custom built/painted Avanti wings in less than a month. I’ve spent the past few weeks building the elevator and rudder and fitting the motor and canopy. Today Georg helped me fit the Avanti wings. I’m very proud with the result – in fact I think it looks even better than the original (which has very narrow wings). There is still quite a bit of work to do, but I’m very much looking forward to flying this one!

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