Back to work on the JS3…

We’ve had quite an amazing summer, with fantastic weather, and many days spent flying on our airfield and slopesoaring in the mountains. The great weather also meant that I spent very little time in my workshop, and the time I did spend there was mostly to maintain my planes. In addition I also worked on two other builds: a prototype of the Chocofly 2.8m Taranis with outrunner, and a Wistmodel SZD54. The Taranis was maidened a few weeks ago and is by far the fastest glider I’ve ever flown. More about that later. The SZD54 is still under construction and should be finished in the next few weeks – if we get a few rainy days.

All of this also means that Andi and I had little time to work on our JS3. Last week we started working on our JS3s again. We intend to finish them this coming winter and maiden them early next year. Last week we finished fitted the wings to our JS3 and this week we finished covering them in glass. Next week we will paint the wings with filler and sand them to the final shape.

In the meanwhile Georg’s JS3, the first one built under our project, has spent well over 50 hours airborne. The more he flies it, the more we’re impressed. The performance of the 5.14m (18m) version also in weak thermals is unequalled by any scale glider I know. Last week I flew both my 1:3.5 Diana2 and my 1:3.5 SB-14 in weak thermals and had to land after 45mins at most. Georg spent well over two and a half hours airborne, picking up the slightest of thermals on our airfield. The 4.28m (15m) version has also been put through its paces on the slope. It’s fast and agile and as good as, if not better, than our Diana2 (the verdict is still out on that :-). Georg is still tweaking the plane’s settings and programming, and the performance continues to improve almost every time he flies it. I’m so much looking forward to flying mine early next year!

Here’s a short video of Georg’s JS3 shot last week of a flyby in weak thermals.



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