In the meanwhile…Diana 1 and 2

I can’t resist the temptation to squeeze in a few non-JS3 pictures. Last week Friday I maidened my 1:3.5 Chocofly Diana2. This plane is the exact copy of the Diana 2 that was designed by members of our JS3 team now almost ten years ago (using the same wing design, profile and fuselage), and of which I already built one from scratch last year and had a lot of fun flying it since. My new Diana2 is the Chocofly pre-production heavy slope version. With 6.3kgs it is heavier than my scratch-built Diana 2 (5.8kg), but also a very robust slope racer – looking forward to putting this one through its paces on one of our nearby slopes soon.

We also had a family excursion of our full set of scratch built Dianas, me flying my refurbished 14-year old Diana1 (SZD 56.1), built by Richie, Richie flying his 1:3 Diana 2, and Georg his 1:3.5 Diana 2. Bliss. Oh, and yes, we love our Dianas. The Diana2 is still the best plane I’ve ever piloted, but maybe our JS3 will change that?

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